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Online Meetings
Online Meetings

Limited Free Public Resources

Useful resources for MMTMC members to prepare themselves to deliver speeches effectively via an online platform. The execution of a chapter meeting by various appointment holders would need to be done differently from a regular chapter meeting at our hall at Lifelong Learning Institute. This is where we share useful tips for both speakers and appointment holders when speaking online.

 "Member's Only Resources

If you are a member of MMTMC, your membership unlocks access to additional premium resources on this topic not available to the public.

Enrich Your Video/Webinar Experience: Microphones Setup

Microphones are an important part of your appearance, and it's importanthat you know the varioLls types of microphones and how to use them properly.

  1. Before the Toastmasters meetings/online contests begin, arrange for a rehearsal with your friends to check your... (More)

Impress Your Viewers When Speaking Online: Do's and Don'ts

During the Division D Contests, I found some good examples of our members/contestants who are set apart from other contestants because they put in efforts to use appropriate tools, background, and dress professionally for their speeches. It was stellar performance... (More)

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Online Meetings
Raymond EeMentor
ACB, CL, Club Advisor (Operations Management)
If you are still searching for a quality condenser mic that sounds good and not burns a hole in your pocket, the Fifine K678 could be it. A mic like this can be used for online speech contest too.

Enrich Your Video/Webinar Experience: Impress your Audience online with Your Appearance

Your appearance in video speeches/visual media affects your credibility and your image, so it's important that you look your best.

When speaking online, you can take note of these tips:

For Women, wear a medium-colored suit with a light blouse,... (More)