Our Online Chapter Meeting from 23rd April 2021 is now available for your viewing pleasure! 

Speakers, if you would like to upload your speech to your own social media account, do trim the video to showcase only your segment. Thank you!


Part 1 (Prepared Speeches): https://youtu.be/EE7K-kvlsH4

Part 2 (Evaluations): https://youtu.be/xfaF2AAowvY

Part 3 (Table Topics): https://youtu.be/EU2drv3J6gg


Prepared Speeches (In Speaking Order): 

Hendrian Sukardi - Herding Cats at Workplace (L2 : P1 Dynamic Leadership)

Tan Hui Ying - Adapt, Adjust, Accommodate (L2 : P2 Leadership Development)

Alfred Swe - Let's not get stressed (L3 : P2 Persuasive Influence)

Dreamy Somani Shah - Imposter Monster (L5 : P1 Dynamic Leadership)