Our Online Chapter Meeting from 18th July 2020 is now available for your viewing pleasure! 

Speakers, if you would like to upload your speech to your own social media account, do trim the video to showcase only your segment. Thank you!


Part 1 (Prepared Speeches): https://youtu.be/rm2V5LNDe-8

Part 2 (Evaluation): https://youtu.be/h416AFtVTXo

Part 3 (Table Topics & Panel on Evaluation): https://youtu.be/6HQnSCjqfGU


Prepared Speeches: 

Ronnie Chin - Feeling Lucky?  (L1: P2C Persuasive Influence)

Lee Bing Qian - Little Victories (L1: P2B Presentation Mastery)

Wang Yajie - Nothing Endures But Change (L1: P2A Dynamic Leadership)