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Asked a question 2 years ago

Hello everyone. What are your favorite public speaking books? Why do the books appeal to you?

Where am I?

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Hiromi san  , Recently i read this book Written by Mr. Manoj Vasudevan

"How To Become The World Champion of Public Speaking:

Invaluable Insights from Losing, Winning and Coaching"

Author was an introvert in his early times and he explained the process on  

how he managed to  over come it . Process is just attending Toastmaster meeting regularly and take a little more initiative to Practice Public Speaking (Practice , Feedback & learning ..Repeat.....)

This is the only way we can learn more of public speaking..Hope you know this already

Thanks for your Question  


The monthly TM magazine offers me many interesting articles and views that‘s easy  to read and implement in my day to day communication and presentations.