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Candrika Adri TjoMentor
Club Advisor (Marketing & Communications)
Asked a question 2 years ago

How has joining Money Mastery Toastmasters Club (MMTMC) benefited you in your career or personal life?

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Having experienced Toastmasters in both India and Singapore, serving Exco for two terms, and being a member of MMTMC since 2017, I have witnessed tremendous growth. Here are the top 2 specific influences I have had in my life and career that I owe to MMTMC.  

The indestructible superpower - Whether it is personal or professional life, irrespective of your IQ, there is one quality that makes a person stand out from the crowd - Confidence. Even though I am not an introvert, I never had the courage to speak up. I was always given feedback from my bosses to take up more initiatives at work. I soon realized I cannot get ahead in my career with only my technical acumen. 

Joining Toastmasters changed things for me. The more I spoke on stage before an audience, I gained the courage to speak up before my colleges, clients, and managers fearlessly. The more leadership opportunities I took at MMTMC, I gained immense confidence to take up any herculean task even if I am unfamiliar with it. At my first job in Singapore, for me to transform from an almost invisible back-end engineer to a customer-facing consultant in a relatively short span of time, I owe it to Money Mastery which gave me my indestructible superpower - Confidence.  

The art of Clarity - We often see people in our work/meetings, talking for hours but with little or no purpose. Or people who talk too little making no point at all. Speaking with clarity and purpose is very much an underrated skill today. Whether it is a Keynote speech or a simple WhatsApp announcement, clarity is imperative. As a club leader and a member of exco, I often had to come up with mini-scripts for PR announcements, opening & closing addresses, persuading fellow members to take up roles, etc. Over my 2 years as an exco member, I have significantly improved my ability to channel my thoughts clearly and concisely both in speaking as well as writing.  

Many a time I have been able to articulate and break down complex technical Jargon much simpler to stakeholders at work, thanks to the immense practice I have had at Money Mastery! I also realized lately that I am able to make good impromptu pitches (to sell my work or a proposal) given a situation with ease. It may be a simple skill, but when it comes to standing out from your colleagues at work every simple skill makes a huge difference!