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Asked a question 2 years ago

Is using PowerPoint in speeches always bad for presentations?

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Candrika Adri TjoMentor
Club Advisor (Marketing & Communications)

Let's say you are presenting a report to the board of directors. You have two options:

  1. Explain it solely using words. 
  2. Or use pie chart (visual aids) like below. 

Which one is easier for the audience to understand?  

Is using PowerPoint in speeches always bad for presentations?

Powerpoint is one of the visual aids available. Some things that needs visualization are better conveyed using visual aids. If I'm sharing about how I lose weight, it would be much more impactful and convincing to show a picture of a fat me than just saying I lost 15 kg. If I'm presenting interior design ideas, I would show some photos/ 3D rendering to the client. If I'm sharing complicated report/ data, I would put pie chart instead of reading all the items one by one and making the audience confused pr bored. So, Powerpoint is not "bad". It's a tool. Just like any other tool, it can be a powerful one when it's used effectively. 

In the context of MMTMC, the usage of Powerpoint slides for a new speaker is discouraged. The reason is for he/ she to improve his/ her skill as a speaker without being dependent to visual aids. 

I wouldn’t said it’s bad. It really depends on the context and the message you want the audience to take away with. Rika has explained it very well in her response to you. I have tried using PowerPoint for my second speech after ice breaker and I learnt of many mistakes I have made from my evaluator. For instance audiences were not looking at me as my slides were distracting them; I was rather clumsy with the clicker in my hand as I have other props to switch to. Do not be afraid to use Powerpoint if you think it will augment your speech, just be cognizant of the techniques to use them elegantly on stage!