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Asked a question 2 years ago

Should we consciously control being too dramatic on stage as a speaker? Or should this be seen just as the uniqueness of every speaker?

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I don't have enough experience in public speaking to answer, but from audience point of view, dramatization should be to certain extent and it should  be Mixed in right proportion with the Concept. My Opinion may be wrong, correct me if i am wrong. 

For me, it’s about authenticity and being true to yourself. If you want to be dramatic, be natural and comfortable with the drama so it wouldn’t come across as awkward or pretentious. Most TM speeches aim to aspire and connect with the audiences with storytelling techniques;  the drama will amplify the stories, according them with more flavours to bring the main points across. Think adding spices and herbs to your dish to make it more tasty! Be careful not to over spice it and ruin the whole dish!

Raymond EeMentor
ACB, CL, Club Advisor (Operations Management)

We should be who we are on stage and if being dramatic helps to create the necessary impacts in our stories, I‘d say, do it! 

Candrika Adri TjoMentor
Club Advisor (Marketing & Communications)

Too much of anything is not good. Too fast, too slow, too loud, too soft, in this case... too dramatic. 

In terms of storytelling, being a bit dramatic is necessary. Have you noticed in many popular movies, the producer would put these words on the poster: Based on true stories? It is NOT the true stories.

Based on true stories means: The story did happen, but there's additional seasoning called.. dramatization to spice up the stories. 

Without dramatization, imagine Titanic without Jack and Rose's romance. It will just be... an icy cold movie about a drowned ship. 

Here's another example:

Without dramatization

Three weeks ago, I was seating in the train, when I suddenly sneezed. The aunty who was seated beside me immediately stood up and walked to the next cabin. 

With dramatization

Three weeks ago, when I was commuting to work, it was one of the rare moments I got a seat in a packed train. As usual, everyone was busy looking at their phone. Suddenly, my nose was itchy and I couldn't contain my sneeze. Haatttchewwww!! Right at that moment, everyone looked up from their phones, stared at me for 2 good seconds, and dispersed to all direction. Leaving a 2 meter empty space in front of my seat. Some of the passengers were covering their nose. I was confused. Was my brain defy me from what I thought was an innocent harmless sneeze, turn out is a smelly potent... fart? Moreover, the auntie who was seated beside me was frozen. Her face was as pale as my white shirt. She must be shocked by the loud voice of my sneeze. I was panic. What if she had a heart-attack? What if she fainted? What if her eardrum broken because of me? When I was busy thinking about all the possibilities, she suddenly stood up and dashed to the next cabin. Only few days later I learned about the viral Corona virus and understood what was happening. 


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