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Asked a question 2 years ago

Why do you like to attend MMTMC Chapter Meeting?

Where am I?

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Raymond EeMentor
ACB, CL, Club Advisor (Operations Management)

I felt energized and satisfied every time I attended our high-energy chapter meetings and saw the growth of our speakers on the stage. I felt extremely proud and happy for them when I saw any of my mentees won the Best Speaker ribbon. And I am sure if you have won the Best Speaker ribbon at our club, the high you get can last you deep into the night.

Chua Guang Rong
Vice President of Public Relations

There's something really special about MMTMC! I think that the atmosphere and level of energy is truly spectacular! It's the feeling of family and community that really empowers everyone in MMTMC to keep learning and keep growing! :DD

This is a place that never fails to energise me regardless how bad my day or week is. My week feels complete with a high note. Trailing 2nd place is Kdrama. I always look forward to meeting my ever growing BIG MMTMC Family!