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Contests Prep
Contests Prep

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Premium resources for MMTMC members to prepare for the various speech contests in Toastmasters.

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Hello there, congratulations on winning your club contest! I've also competed in the evaluation contests and got 1st Runner Up at the Division level. Personally, I've heard advice and stories of how one should deliver sharp, concise evaluations, and to... (More)

Michell Sheya WongMentor
CC, District 80 International Speech Champion 2019

For evaluation contests, it depends on your speaking order. If you are one of the last ones to speak, instead of pointing out the most obvious points, try and see if you can find something that the other evaluators might... (More)

Chai Pei Shan (Jessica)Mentor
Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM)

Enrich Your Video/Webinar Experience: Microphones Setup

Microphones are an important part of your appearance, and it's importanthat you know the varioLls types of microphones and how to use them properly.

  1. Before the Toastmasters meetings/online contests begin, arrange for a rehearsal with your friends to check your... (More)
Chai Pei Shan (Jessica)Mentor
Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM)

Impress Your Viewers When Speaking Online: Do's and Don'ts

During the Division D Contests, I found some good examples of our members/contestants who are set apart from other contestants because they put in efforts to use appropriate tools, background, and dress professionally for their speeches. It was stellar performance... (More)