Here is to share the highlight points I have learned from the today’s webinar, “Maximizing on your membership with MMTMC”.
Thank you advisors, for the sharing.

<Our. mmtmc. rocks>
There are many useful contents in a group "Your First Speech" even if you have already done your first speech.

<Eye contact>
-Practice how to make eye contact when you practice a speech
-Recommend setting your threshold. Ex. get eye contact with a person for one sentence.

-Try to have conversations with new guests to make yourself comfortable and get support from the guests.

<Ask for feedback>
-Look for strangers and ask them for feedback. Ex. ‘’what is one area I can improve’’?
-Not only rely on your mentor, you can also ask other members for feedback with sending the speech video link.
-Visit other clubs with brutal evaluation.

<Just do it>