As a Toastmaster we all do prepared speeches. But is that the only way to become a good speaker? From my experience, here are some key benefits to reap from taking up the “Toastmaster of the Evening” role 

Master the art of Speaking Spontaneously 

Ever been to a company event or a wedding where the Emcee enthralled you with their spontaneous humour and wit? Ever wondered how they are so spontaneous? 

The biggest takeaway from taking up the role of a TME in a high energy chapter meeting like ours, is the art of speaking spontaneously. Even though we follow a standard script for the TME role, the role also requires you to crack an occasional joke or two, engage the audience a question etc. based on the situation. Say there is a 2-minute delay for a speaker to come to the stage there will be an awkward silence and it is the job of the TME to break the silence with an impromptu joke, interesting fact etc. The more you practice the better you get at this invaluable skill. 

Learn to Engage, Entertain and Energize the audience 

The TME role gives you abundant opportunity to engage and entertain the audience. No one wants to listen to a boring emcee speak with same monotonous tone for 3 hours in a Friday evening, do we? 

The TMEs play a significant role in turning a regular Toastmasters meeting into our “High-Energy” Chapter Meeting. Whether it is making the audience to do an activity (like giving HiFi to each other), getting feedback from them, giving them a hearty laugh, a good TME owns the stage and give the audience a memorable evening to remember. Even as a prepared speaker, engaging and entertaining the audience is a MUST have skill in a competitive season. And what better way to practice this skill than to take up the this challenging and interesting role ?

Do comment here about your experience at MMTMC as a TME! What did you learn from it?